Monday, July 5, 2010

Free range chickens

I guess I always hoped for this day but I had heard THE stories.  We finally let our chickens - all 6 of them - free range for the first time yesterday.

They didn't go too far - sticking mostly to one area and in the shade of several large trees.  They ate an incredible amount of weeds along side the garage - it was great - yesterday!  Today, with a new sense of freedom they ventured much further - right out to the front gardens - well - right INTO the front gardens.  Being a very hot day they were looking for shade like the rest of us and decided to make little dirt holes in the middle of the only-mulched-and-decent-looking-gardens-I-HAD!  Now there is mulch all over the grass!

Ahhh...but the girls are happy and so am I.  I think I can live with a little mess for the sake of Mildred, Myrtle, Edwina, Clemintine, Gertie and Bertha.

This picture was taken several years ago on a trip to visit family out west.  Too bad it doesn't come with sound effects - the sound would be Leah screaming as they attacked her for the grass!

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