Monday, June 10, 2013

My new kitchen shelves and MORE canning jars!

When will I stop talking about canning jars??? Probably never!  Last week I was able to put all the older zinc lidded canning jars I had been collecting on to their new shelves.   When we first moved to the farm I needed shelves in a-bit-of-a-hurry because there were so many other things to do so I bought melamine shelving from Home Depot and lived with it for a few years.  The first the summer they were up it was very hot and sticky.  The humidity had a rather strange effect on the shelves!  They drooped on either end and I rescued my glass jars just before they slid off and fell on the floor.  How strange.  As soon as the weather improved I flipped the shelves over and refastened them all was well again. 

I had an idea for what I wanted but being somewhat inept with power tools when it comes to fine work I didn't trust myself to make these shelves.  A few months ago I reconnected with an old high school friend and his family.  After a tour their home with many beautiful built in shelves in the closets I had an aha moment!  Just the guy I needed to build my shelves.

You can see in the picture below that there is a shelf/step on the back of the main shelf.  It allows the jars at the back to stand just a little higher so I can see the contents more easily.  The jars at the back are quart sized and the ones in the front are pints.

After staining and routering (is that a word?) I have the shelves I was hoping for!

Now I have cooking inspiration at my fingertips and I can look at all those lovely jars every day.  I am missing two more pint sized ones and after searching the entire house I've come to the conclusion that I will HAVE TO go to some yard sales this summer and right that wrong!  There are worse ways to spend a Saturday morning!

If you live somewhere nearby and need something built email me and I'll give you Jerry's number!  Thanks Jerry!  I am thrilled and they look great!


  1. WOW is all I can say, that looks absolutely amazing!!!

  2. Thank you for this wonderful ideas you have discuss to your blog, I've learn from it.

  3. And my family thought *I* had an addiction to storing dry goods in canning jars! IT'S BEAUTFUL!!

    1. I can share the canning jar obsession title with you :)


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