Monday, June 14, 2010


I've had a list for a very long dream list for the new home God was going to give us. It has been fun discovering how God answers our HEARTS-DESIRES. We were at the farm on Saturday to drop off some shelves and visit their yard sale and just plain visit because we can never get in and out in a few minutes – it’s always a few hours. Talk Talk talk!!! They are very sweet and friendly people!

The farmers wife – was going over her very long list of things to ask me about – mostly things like – do you want this or that. There is a LOOOONG list of things they are leaving – talk about being blessed coming and going!!! Furniture, lawn chairs, sports equipment, cabinets, garden stuff, clocks, pillows, bedding, carpets, curtains and on-and-on!

On our travels through the house to look at all the things she wanted to show me she stopped at a closet upstairs and I nearly stopped breathing. The inside of the closet is wallpapered in the most beautiful wallpaper I have ever seen – huge cabbage roses on a light yellow background. It was similar to but much nicer than the wallpaper I used in our master bedroom here in the city.

I coulda cried.

Number 11 on my list: One room with roses on the wallpaper.

Best part?? She bought enough to paper the whole upstairs and is leaving me the rolls. When we get the addition done I will paper one wall of our master bedroom in roses – again.

Only 11 days to go and I will no longer have to say: GUESS-WHAT???  WE'RE-MOVING-TO-THE-COUNTRY!!!!  because we'll be there!!

The journey continues...

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