Thursday, June 3, 2010

The house is SOLD.

I have been quiet-for-awhile - consider it HOLDING MY BREATH- while the roller coaster ride took its twists and turns.  Our home - which everyone said would sell in a week - was on the market for 6 weeks.  We had muliple offers - some that we rejected and others that simply fell apart.  It seems crazy to say it but we were waiting for the right people - the ones God wanted to have this home.  I saw in my mind a mom-dad-and two-kid family and FINALLY they arrived.  I want to ask them some day WHAT ON EARTH they have been doing for the past 6 weeks while we pulled our hair out!

On Friday May 28th the offer was presented and we waited till this week for all the conditions to be met.  The SOLD sign should appear tomorrow on our front lawn.  HALLELUJAH is all I can say!!! Our mortgage lady REALLY wanted the paperwork to be finished by the end of May - we squeaked by with two full days to spare!

All the paper work is done.  I am a happy girl.

Now I need to pack...oh dear.

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