Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Sign

The sign has been in the ground now FOR-A-WEEK.  After only eight hours up for sale we had an offer and it-bombed.  Since then two more offers have come through but none of them have been quite right. Too bad but we've had more showings SINCE THEN so maybe we'll have another soon.

I have been worried about keeping the house tidy and getting out of the way of the LOOKERS-AND-TIRE-KICKERS.  I admit - I have still felt some stress HOWEVER it hasn't been as bad as I imagined.  We asked for a two hour advance notice and that seems to really help.  The kids are being helpful and now that we all know what needs to be done before we leave it is much easier.

We've spent several hours sitting in the neighbours backyard while people go through the house.  The weather has been cooperating and the bright side is having a few hours of RELAXING-AND-READING and enjoying the springtime weather forced on us.

We had an OPEN HOUSE last weekend.  It was hysterical!  We had a showing at 10am and then the open house from 2-4. When my daughter and I got home (before the rest of the family) we stood outside talking to our agent. We ask how it went.  He looked exhausted!  In two hours he had 30 visits – thirty couples/families – some with their agents through the house. At one point he had to lock the front door because he didn’t want any more people to come in…hee hee!!! As we stood there talking to him two more couples drove up and asked if it was too late to look at the house. He went back in with them. After he finally left someone else came to the door so we let them in as well. 33 visits – 80+ people.

Our agent said – he has NEVER had an open house like that before…if he had 4 couples through he would have considered it a good open house. He was really wishing he had brought an assistant. I think it’s funny. He really wanted to do an open house so he could get connected with some new clients and we wanted him to be blessed so we prayed for a good open house.   Careful what you pray for huh??

Well, all that is fine and dandy – but no help unless someone gives us an offer that we feel we can accept.  The house has been on the market for eight days so far...I guess I shouldn't complain :)

The journey step at a time.

(another fabulous picture by Allison)

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