Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Lady Bug Moments

I love to explore new ideas and learn things that I didn't even know I wanted to know. Learning and DOING new things is what makes life -LIFE.  Life is fantastically-amazing in all of it's richness and STORED-UP-WONDER.

Sometimes I forget that.  I get so busy worrying about things or busting-my brain trying to figure out people who simply don't make sense or I get caught up in every-day-crisis or my own self-centeredness that I lose sight of those simple things in life that are meant to bring us JOY...

by Ravich's photostream on flickr
Yesterday I saw a ladybug climbing up the door trim INSIDE the house.  My first thought was Ack - bugs!  But remember when you were a kid and you let the ladybug crawl around on your hand so you could examine it in detail.  Do you remember counting the spots and watching it's wings open and close?  Ladybugs are tiny amazing little reminders that God put in the world just so we could experience WONDER.

When I start to worry and stress about things I miss the LADYBUG-MOMENTS.  What is life but a series of moments in time?? 

Stop and smell the roses - do it for me - I don't have a sense of smell!
Enjoy a cat nestled on the window sill in the sun or a dog running with wild abandon. 
Appreciate a quiet drive down a country road or a moment over tea with someone you love.
Feel the wind in your hair, letting it get messy and not caring what it looks like!
Eat a cupcake-with-icing.
Read a book that makes you cry.

A little vacation for the soul...

Watch for a LADY-BUG-MOMENT today and stop long enough to enjoy it.


Feel free to make me some cupcakes too!!!

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