Saturday, February 25, 2012

Vacation and Lehman's part 2

We're just back from a two week vacation to the US.  It was a wonderful and warm vacation for the body, mind and soul. I don't think we realised how tired we were until we got there. It was a wonderful time to rest and rejuvenate. We will definitely go back at Our Father's Haven Bed & Breakfast near Bushnell, Florida! We loved it! 

Our family of 5 - including 3 young adults stayed at Our Father's Haven. It was Florida in it's natural state as opposed to the crazy busyness of the big attractions and fancy hotels.  We found the location to be close enough to all the major places like Disney and Busch Gardens yet far enough to be able to enjoy Florida up close and personal. 

The 4 suites are HUGE and beautiful. Each has it's own separate bedroom and living space with more closet space than I have at home!  I especially liked the quilts on the oh-so-comfortable beds - the decor was really nice and comfortable. 

Innkeepers Gary and Joanne Macintosh were wonderful hosts and they cooked us amazing humungous breakfasts with lots of (maybe too many) choices each morning.  They were able to make adjustments for some special dietary needs and gave us the recipe for our favorite breakfast casserole - yum!

We enjoyed staying on a farm and visiting with their dogs Georgia Blue and Rosie and the horses in the barn or in the field.  It felt like home but better - NO DISHES and no chores!

The facilities include a games room with a pool table, lots of books, magazines and movies to borrow.  The spacious screened porch was a great place to relax and read or just enjoy the view.

My favorite attraction was the Webster Flea Market.
It's a very old outdoor Flea Market and it's so big you couldn't get through it all in one day - we sure didn't.  We walkedaround for several hours looking through the stalls.  I found a basket for carrying fresh picked vegetables and some really nice enameled spoons. 

I already wrote about a stop we made in Kidron, Ohio at the Lehman's store - the first visit was great and the second one was even better.  The store is full of overwhelmingly wonderful items that are completely unavailable or very difficult to get here in Canada.  We decided that we were going to take advantage of the customs limit and purchase many items I had been wanting to get for awhile but didn't because of the cost of shipping and duty.

I took a catalog with me on vacation and worked on my list.   DH - silly guy - said GET WHATEVER YOU NEED!  Really??  It ended up being a very long list!

The items I am most excited about are the All American pressure canners - I got two 920's - the second largest one.  They each hold 14 quarts at a time - double the Presto canner I've used in the past. I can't wait to be canning up a storm this summer!

I also found a carpet sweeper...I KNOW - who wants one of those??  Well - me. I've been looking and hoping to find one at a yard sale for several years.  I was able to get one at the Lehman's outlet store for $25.00.  Yeah!

Over the next few months I'll tell you about some of the other items I purchased after I get a chance to try them out and I've recuperated from my vacation.

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  1. We'll have to check out the flea market, as we are only an hour or two south of Bushnell.

    1. Dani - I forgot to mention it is only open on Mondays and it's very busy! We went later in the afternoon and missed the morning rush but probably lots of other really good deals too.

  2. That looks like my kind of place to stay. And you are so lucky - a holiday to Lehman's!! I am also one of those nutty people that would consider that a FANTASTIC holiday!! I live in Australia and I have seriously considered whether it would be worthwhile to make a trip and fill a shipping container - I just know I could fill it!!


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