Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Canning lids & rings & rubber things

I made a stop at Home Hardware the other day and I was pleased to find the red rubber rings for the glass topped canning jars.  When I saw the box I recognised it but I had never put two-and-two together before then. I'm sure I've seen them at Canadian Tire for anyone else looking in Canada.  So hurrah - for $1.99 I have a my glass tops covered and ready for very stylish food storage.

My next stop was the local thrift store - that was mostly just for fun and to buy a few more magazines for the bathroom. I refuse to pay $5-7 a magazine when I can get the ones that are a few months old  for .50 cents - works fine for me!  While I was there I came across a canners heaven!  They had lots of Ball and Mason jars but I don't need any more right now.  What they did have was a whole basket of snap lids and rings.  I actually found some to fit those little odd-sized jars I was talking about.  Yippee.  As you can see in the picture below the original price was 21 cents - I had to pay 50 cents!  Inflation I guess.

I ended up with an assortment of rings and lids for $2.00.  The lids are FAR to old to use for canning - the rubber only lasts so long before it deteriorates and becomes unsafe for canning. 

All my jars have proper lids now so all is right in the world-of-canning according to Anita!


  1. Aren't thrift stores awesome! I got 2 packs of Crown rubber rings for 40 cents on my last visit!

    1. You bet - it's my favorite thing to do for fun!


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