Monday, April 30, 2012

A Chicken Goes on Vacation

This week has been clean up week at Shalom Engedi Farm. We've cleaned and purged loads of stuff that was "kindly" left here for us by the previous owners. Yesterday afternoon we loaded up the van with our last load just as my brother and his wife came to visit for a few minutes. My daughter and my husband left for the dump about 20 minutes later and came back laughing! While they were pulling out a huge dresser- out popped a chicken who had stowed away while we were distracted by our company. 

The chicken seeing her chance for freedom flew out of the back door of the van and so began the merry chase. Everyone at the transfer station was gasping in laughter because no one had ever seen a chicken at the dump in the middle of the city before. With the help of many people my daughter finally caught her. They stuffed her into an empty garbage container for the trip home and so begun and ended our chicken's vacation. :lol:


  1. Very funny. We had the same thing happen when we borrowed a horse trailer. The chicken leaped out and it took a week to catch her.

  2. Hahahaha....that's hilarious! What an adventure for that poor chicken - I bet she'll not be laying any eggs this week after that episode. lol


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