Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ist baby at Shalom Engedi Farm

It's been an exciting morning at Shalom Engedi Farm. 

I have been living in anxious excitement about the lambing process - anxious because I've never done this before and excitement because I've never done this before!  

I have read every article, every book and pumped every person I know for information about lambing.  I have stayed up at night worrying about every possible complication and what I would do if it happened.  I was excited but I admit to being more-than-a-little-anxious only to wake up this morning and find baby lamb number 1 already born and walking around and everything was pretty much over.

Having babies is so distracting - I have accomplished nothing else but oogling little lamby who still needs a real name...

We also had our first ducklings of the year hatch out last weekend.  Four sweet little fluff balls survived the hatching but tragedy struck when Papa Duck went on a rampage and killed three of them.  He has of course been relocated to another pen for the time being!  As someone said:  He must have gone Quackers.  He's gonna turn into Duck Stew if he does it again!

Back out to the barn to check on lamby and Momma.


  1. Isn't new life a beautiful thing?! It's so sad to hear about the poor duckings! I'm glad that the new lamby can help take your mind off of your loss.

    By the way, we made an offer on some property! Way up in Renfrew county. Well, we can at least be distant neighbours :-)

    1. Oh Brenda!!!!! I hope it works out - how exciting!!!! I've been to Renfrew a few times - it's beautiful up there.

  2. Congrats on the new lamb! They are so sweet. Our first lamb's was Lamby (very original - but the kids were younger then!!). It sounds a bit silly calling her that now, as a big fat, very bossy, sheep! Sorry to hear about the ducklings though.


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