Monday, March 26, 2012

Independence Day March 26, 2012

As promised my updated Independence Days list for the week. 

PLANT SOMETHING: I started my seeds.

HARVEST SOMETHING: Eggs of course - not much else is up in the garden yet at this point except some really tiny chives.

PRESERVE SOMETHING: I canned turkey, turkey broth and garbanzo beans with spices (ready for hummus!)

WASTE NOT: I boiled the turkey bones down to make the broth but I'm still not happy with how much seems to get wasted.  I need to improve how I go about it - any suggestions?

WANT NOT: This is the area for purchases for the future.  Here's all the herbs I ordered ready for storage in a cool dark place.

EAT THE FOOD: We've had several stews - one with leftover turkey and beans on canning day.  I made another batch of yogurt but I think I added the yogurt culture to the milk when it was still a little too hot - it turned out a little running but yummy!

COMMUNITY FOOD SYSTEMS: Chatted with a friend about canning - does that count?

SKILL UP: I've been reading about pastured chickens and working out a plan to turn an old trailer into a moveable chicken tractor for the meatie birds this summer.  We pumped up the tires, dragged it out of the barn where it has been sitting for 20+ years.  Now it's sitting in all it's broken-down glory in the driveway awaiting transformation.

Don't be a chicken!

We also are enjoying our newly finished feed room in the barn - thanks to our son in law who worked on it all day on Saturday.  It looks wonderful!  No more raccoons and other critters getting into the feed.  It's all so clean and organized - that makes me a happy girl!

Anyone going to join Jayne and I on this challenge?  Remember it's only to encouragement us to head in the right direction - did you do ONE thing on the list?  Celebrate and tell me about it!


  1. I've thought about doing it, but it's so overwhelming...

    I intend to plant some flowers for the flowerbeds tomorrow, and we have added a few more hens to our flock, so we are gathering more eggs than before. As for putting stuff up and making some storage plans ahead, we aren't that far yet.

    1. Dani - every step in the right direction is a step in the right direction :) It took me a few years to learn how to do some things and then another few years to make them part of my lifestyle on a regular basis. That's what life is all about - learning and growing!

  2. Hi Anita,
    A day late, but here is the link to my list for this week.
    I have to think a bit harder in some categories, I think!

    1. Check out Jayne's blog at the link above and see Independence Days done Aussie style!

  3. RE: critters getting into animal sister-in-law has several 'de-commissioned' old chest freezers, which she has removed the lids and made plywood hinged lids (mice could chew through the rubber gasket)-all with locks (those pesky racoons could open the lids without a 'lock')- and she puts her feed bags inside -dry and pest-free. They are located in her barn. Pretty clever I thought...

  4. just stumbled across your blog, it's great and so inspirational. We probably try and live by those rules but have never put names to them...I think it is a great idea to be concious of it. Will be telling some friends and family to visit your blog. Have a great week.


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