Sunday, June 10, 2012

How did you find Adventures in Country Living?

Hey friends - I'm headed off for a week of camping with my daughter and my mom and dad - yahoo!!  So instead of a regular post I thought I'd ask some questions!

How did you find this blog?  What do want to know more about?  What's your favorite post?

You can answer any or all of them!  I know some of you have had trouble with being able to leave a comment so I am activating the ability to post comment anonymously - hopefully that won't backfire on me because I won't be home to moderate until next weekend :)

I love hearing from all of you!  It's what makes writing so much fun!

Have a great week - I'll think of you while I sit by the lake with my book or go for a hike in the woods!


  1. How did you find this blog? Through the Ontario Preppers Network.
    What do want to know more about? I enjoy whatever you want to write about! I am also interested in the practical how-tos of farm life: fence mending, construction projects, animal care, pasture management, gardens.
    What's your favorite post? Several, but the one that stands out is On The Lamb. I hope that I never have to go through that!

    Anita, I hope you have a fun and refreshing time while you're away, ~hugs~.

  2. I believe I found you through Farmgal's blog . I love all your recipes, reviews, and tips on Prepping/Storing. I like the post about your trip to Cam and Michelle Mathers workshop .....
    Keep up the good work - I love reading your blog.
    Have a lovely time at "The Park".

  3. How did you find this blog? Through the Mrs. Survival forums
    What do want to know more about? I like how to posts
    What's your favorite post? Love the one about stocking a large pantry

  4. And I meant to say have a great time!

  5. How did you find this blog? The Canadian Preppers Network

    What do want to know more about? Anything... I have a lot of alone time where other peoples experiences help to point me in the right direction for planning what I would like to do in the future.

    I don't have a favorite post yet because I have not read them all!

    Have a great time camping :)


  6. I found you because my DH found you on Frugals and saw your blog link and then you stopped by for dinner! :O) I enjoy reading about our new Canadian friends life and keeping up with them. I enjoy your posts!! I like the one about the skunk - hilarious! Anyway! Blessings to you in your time away!


  7. Hi everyone!! I had a wonderful time with my daughter and my parents. We saw moose, lots of turkeys, a raccoon and turtles and we had 5 ducks and 8 babies come and visit our camp site every day - it felt just like home - well not the moose part!

    I appreciate each one of you :) Thanks for taking the time to write and tell me how you found the blog. It makes writing so much more fun to know who YOU are. If you haven't written yet - you still can!

    I really did meet Wendy a few months ago. We were travelling nearby and her family invited my family - whom they had never met in real life!!! - to come for dinner. Our big kids hanging out with their little kids...we talked non-stop - we only had so much time to get it all in. hugs Wendy!!

  8. I just found your blog through Cam Mather's comment section--about burning his lawn. If you are interested in my story about burning MY lawn, check my comment there and the link to my website if you want to know more about me.

    I decided to check out your blog for two reasons--1) I live in Ontario, too (Sudbury) and love finding fellow Canadians. especially if they are doing what we would like to do; it would be so cool to discover you are neighbours... 2) I love the name "Shalom Engedi Farm." Why did you name it that? Are you Hebraic? Torah observant? Messianic? Or just Christians who love Israel? I'd love to know your whole story...and maybe I'll find it somewhere on this blog, so I'll look further. :)

    I don't have a favourite post yet, 'cause I just got here--but I'm sure I'll love them all because you have a great writing style. Hmm, do you have a subscribe spot somewhere???

    1. Cam's "mistake" has given me an idea for getting rid of the weeds on the driveway - if it works I'll have to let them know that an alien space ship landed here too - except I will be grateful! (That should keep the rest of the readers wondering what on earth we are talking about!)

      I'm so glad you found the blog. To answer some of your questions: We are Christians who love Israel! Shalom Engedi means - Peaceful Oasis (and a whole lot more when you dig deeper) We are living our dream to be a place where hurting people can come to find rest and peace.

      In a recent overhaul my subscribe button got lost at the bottom of the page - I'll move it up!


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