Friday, June 22, 2012

Morning Tea

I am a blessed woman to have a husband that has always worked at home.  One of the special joys that it brings is time for starting our day together with a cup of tea.  We usually discuss what we need to do that day, spend some time reading a short devotional and praying for our kids and whatever other needs are pressing that day.

A few years ago we were seeing a alternative health practitioner who suggested that DH drink at least 8 different teas a day for his health - my eyes bugged out as I thought - ARE YOU NUTS??? Who has time to drink 8 cups of tea a day.  I LIKE tea and I don't drink that much plus the idea of having to remember the multiple kinds and I was about ready to give up until one day I had an idea.  I'm sure this isn't new to some of you but it was to me! I put all the tea bags in one tea pot and we were done in 1 large cup of tea.  I had been buying organic boxes of tea bags at the health food store - at 8 bags a day it was getting ridiculously expensive.  I knew some of them where things I could grow at home eventually but I had too much on my plate to figure it all out at the time. I'm giving myself until these herbs run out to figure out growing my own!

So I went on line and ordered from Mountain Rose Herbs.  I went a little nuts and it still was cheaper by far than all those organic boxes of tea I used to buy.  They had great customer service and had my package here in record time considering it had to cross the border.

I used the labels from the bags the herbs came in to decorate the jars.

I bought:
1lb Parsley Leaf organic
1lb Ginger Root organic
1lb Milk Thistle Seed organic
1lb Dandelion Root organic
1lb Turmeric Root powder organic
1lb Echinacea Purpurea Herb organic
1lb Raspberry Leaf organic
1lb Rosemary Leaf organic
1lb Peppermint Leaf organic
1lb Elder Berries organic
1lb Eyebright organic
1lb Alfalfa sprouting seed organic
1lb Broccoli sprouting seed organic
1lb Lavender Flowers organic
1lb Mullein Leaf organic
1lb Oatstraw organic
1lb Rosehips organic

Ahh by the way- 1 pound of mullein leaves is a LOT of mullein!  This whole buying by the pound and not by eye-balling the bag gets me every time!   some of the things I bought are for other purposes than tea but I'll let you know about that later.

I mixed 1 cup of each of the herbs I wanted and put it all in one jar - ready for making tea with just one scoop.  Everything is good so far.

Brewing this tea was another thing.  I tried filtering it through cheese cloth - it worked but was very messy.  I thought about sewing individual re-usable tea bags but dismissed the idea as too labour intensive.   I tried my whole collection of tea balls - some of which are really cute but it always left a little pile a debris in the bottom of my cup.  Fussy huh?

One day while out for a date with DH I came across a RED Bodum.  Hey - I wonder if THAT would work?  Well it does and splendidly!  If you've never seen one before you put the tea leaves in the bottom and pour boiling water over them.  Then you place the top on with the plunger up.  After it steeps for awhile press the plunger to the bottom and pour the tea.

Now I can pour my lovely herbal tea out of my RED Bodum into my huge RED mug and I am a happy girl every morning drinking tea with DH.

 These are the little habits that make each day special.  We both drink ours with stevia for a sweetener and he ruins his by putting milk in it.


  1. Wow lovely! Now how does that combination of the various flavours taste? I can just imagine that every sip is a slightly different taste.....

  2. Hi grammom - without a sense of smell I'll never be ale to answer that question fully but in my opinion it tastes far better than some of the "natural" herbal teas I've ingested in the past. We like the taste! Maybe we'll start a new tea label and call it The This Will Fix any Ailment Tea :)

  3. I think I might try this. Don't have room to buy in huge quantities, but will buy enough to make up one big jar of the mix. Lordknows we need all the help we can get!

    Alice B.


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