Saturday, May 4, 2013

A blogging milestone

Photo Credit - lilduckduck
When I was in high school my English teacher despaired of teaching me follow the rules.  All those subject and predicate lessons - snore snore.  The hours spent sitting in a classroom going over  why you should not write run-on sentences, how CAPITAL LETTERS  only belonged in certain places and what those special characters were for - you know the ones like (:) or (;) or (-).  I specifically remember him telling me that I wasn't supposed to use (-)'s as much as I did and that "a lot" was not spelled "alot" - I remembered that one!

I admit that passing my Grade 12 English class was one of the first miracles ever recorded in my life.  Oh how I hated English class and was glad to be done with it.  The teacher wasn't a bad guy - I kind of liked him but we just didn't see eye-to-eye on HOW to write.

I've always had LOVED writing - MY way.  That's the great thing about being an adult - I get to do it MY way.  Years ago I picked up a magazine called Harrowsmith.  It is no longer being published but it was a great Canadian magazine about country living, gardening and small scale farming/self sufficiency.  The articles were fabulous but my favourite part was the letter from the editor that began each issue. He wrote like ME!  He used CAPITALS and underlining.  His sentences ran way too long (by English teachers standards) and reading it was a wonderfully crazy ride through his thought process.  Ah ha!  If he could write for other people to read - so could I.

I always thought that 'someday" I would write a book.  That was before the internet had it's impact on my life and long before blogging was even a word.  I did wonder if ANYONE would actually want to read what I wrote.  I was quite sure My English teacher would not!

Yesterday I passed 50 000 visits to my blog.  I'm not sure how accurate it is or if half the visits are internet bots (or if there's just a few of you who have re-read 50 posts - 100 times each) but I thought 50 000 was worth a mention.

Thanks so much for reading and allowing me to do something I LOVE while having instant feedback.  Blogging is so much more satisfying than writing a book!  (well - who knows!)

I so appreciate every one of you!  I love it that you are reading this blog all over the world and that you allow me a peek inside your lives by sending me comments and emails.  Thanks for letting me share my stories MY way!



  1. Anita! I just started reading yesterday, but you've got me hooked! It kind of lets me see a sneak peak into your life, which is great, because I really don't get to see you guys as often as I'd like to! Congratulations on the milestone :) Here's to 50,000 more ;)

    1. Curtis!! How nice of you to drop in :) I hope you enjoy reading about our adventures. You might see my mom and dad this weekend - not sure when I'll be back to your end of Ontario. hugs!!

  2. Congratulations on 50,000! I certainly enjoy your blog and writing style.
    In my opinion, writing on our blogs IS like writing a book but even better: there are no editor's deadlines, we can write pretty much what we want to, no upfront costs, and we can reach the whole world! It's a win-win!
    Anyway, keep your stories coming.....


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