Sunday, May 5, 2013

Springtime photos

Our zig-zag fence - I love how it looks but it's not the best for keeping baby lambs where they belong.

This would be one of those baby lambs!  She's so small she fits through the regular page wire fence holes.

When the babies get separated from their momma's for even a few seconds it starts off another baaaaaa-fest until everyone knows where everyone is - then back to peaceful grazing. 

I'm sure she must be thinking - are you done taking pictures yet??

A pile of kittens - 4 to be exact!

The Duck Boss

...and one of the Duck Boss's wives.

Levi the guard dog whose favourite toy's are rocks and sticks and his basketball which he uses to play soccer by himself.

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  1. My goodness what wonderful looking animals.They look so healthy!


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