Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Eight is NOT enough

I was out shopping the other day at one of my favorite stores.  If you know me at all you might guess that it wasn't a high-end clothing store or an expensive boutique but instead the lowly local thrift store.  Thrift stores fascinate me on several levels.  It's fun to laugh at the horrible/awful clothing choices that someone decided to finally get rid of after actually PAYING for it in the first place.  It's a treasure trove of useful household goods, a bizarre assortment of home decorating items, a graveyard for countertop appliances, plus the  leftover flotsam and jetsam of someone's life and occasionally a wondrously-amazing-find.

I spent all of 50c on my find this week and of all the things I bought it wasn't the 2 wide mouth pint canning jars, or the 50c gardening magazines (for the bathroom magazine rack) or the really cute vintage bridal shower invitations and napkins or the vintage wedding congratulations card (that my soon-to-be-married daughter requested that I buy to give her on her wedding day) that was on my mind at 4am - it was a cute little package of cards.

I had to dig for them.  They were buried in a basket and had obviously been there for awhile already after languishing in someone's drawer for the last 20 years. Still wrapped in the original cellophane they look brand new except you know they aren't simply because the art of paper letter writing is almost lost to our generation.  Why write and mail a letter when you can send a quick message via email or instant messaging...

Don't get me wrong I love email as much or more than the average person but these cards are from a different time.  Remember those days when you had to pick up the phone and actually catch them at HOME in order to talk to them?? or when you wrote a quick note and had to find a stamp to mail it...I remember getting a computer and having email for the very first time and swearing I wouldn't stop writing hand written cards and was with good intentions but I failed to keep my vow.

So what is it about these little 3x4" cards with mini envelopes that has me so intrigued?? 
The message on the front of the card reads:  I Treasure your Friendship.

That's it.  That is what is keeping me awake.

I've written before about the struggle of moving here and all the changes that have come of leaving some of my friends behind.  Perhaps it would have happened anyway but some friendships came to an end all at the same time which just happened to be when we moved here.  In all that time I have been pondering and perhaps grieving that loss while wondering what the future of my social life would look like. Crazy Cat Lady-like? Hillbilly Princess wearing a skirt and poopy boots or maybe Minnie Pearl-esque with the price tags hanging on the outside of my clothes...although that might not be too far a stretch since I went out to lunch today with my sweater on in-side-out...

I've been busy so I haven't thought about my "friend-dilemma" much lately - that is until I found the cards the other day.  There's 8 cards in the package and that's what excited me!  Eight was NOT enough.  Without realizing it over time new friends have slipped into my life and taken over a piece of my heart.  Family are of course the best friends I have and who have always been there, some others are old friends I'd lost touch and reconnected with, some have just moved around from the fringes  of my life to the center and some are brand-spanking new...I feel so blessed and loved.  Here's just a few examples:

Two weeks ago my DH and I went away for a weekend.  We had such a wonderful time.  We were treated to Bed and Breakfast like accommodations and wonderful company.  We canned and chit chatted and laughed and had a few serious conversations as well.  What a great weekend.  Everything was going so well until our vehicle broke down on the way home in the middle of nowhere.  DH and I sat and looked at each other and decided we were not going to be upset - we were just going to relax and try to find the humor in our situation.  We texted our friends who got back to us with phone numbers and concern, called CAA, texted our mechanic friend 3 hours away and asked if he could fix our vehicle and put us up for the night (and then cracked open the still-hot-chili we had canned that day and had supper).  What really struck us was how wonderfully supported we felt.  Since then I have become more aware of what was right in front of me - all those lovely old and new friends (and my dad who rescued us and drove us the rest of the way home - thanks Dad!)

Last weekend we attended the funeral of a much-loved uncle and there surrounded by family and friends I was struck again by how many loving connections I have in my life, how I often take it all for granted and how incredibly blessed I am.

...but then of course there's the friend I went out for lunch with yesterday who didn't mention my wardrobe malfunction until AFTERwards!  ha!

I wish I could send each and everyone of you one of these sweet little cards.  Whether I know you in "real life" or "the net" -
I Treasure your Friendship

Thanks for being there!


  1. to know you is to adore you!, I know just what you mean, this past year new friendships have come into my own world, and I am honored and humbled by these amazing people, so blessed

  2. What a great post; loved so many of your word choices as well as your message.

    1. oh thanks Hariette - I love words (and canning jars and paper and thrift stores and...) hee hee!

  3. lovely post



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