Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sweet little escapees...

Another beautiful summer day of chasing sheep!  Our baby lambs are growing quickly and becoming adventurous in their own right.  I've already told you about their roof-climbing-antics and that was bad enough.

They have apparently gotten to the age where they do not need to be Velcro-ed to their mothers side at all hours of the day - I'm sure the mom's are grateful!  Harriet and Nellie have spread their tiny hoofs and taken to finding every possible way to escape the paddock.  They've been climbing between the fence rails closest to the barn for a few weeks and up-till-now it's been really cute.  They would come out and eat some of the chicken scratch and scamper right back in to their freaked-out mothers who stood baaaaaaing on the other side of the fence.  Their older brother and favorite playmate Freddy is too big to fit through the fence so he has been left out of the fun.

Save me - my lambs won't give me a moments peace!

I think they got up yesterday just to test our patience!  The girls popped through the fence, hung out with chickens for awhile and then wandered much farther than they ever did before so we knew we had to put an end to it.  We broke out some leftover pallets and bungee corded them to the wooden fence - not very pretty but it worked.  All was well so back to the house I went.  Twenty minutes later - Moooooom.  They were out again - this time by climbing UNDER the welded wire fence to reach the grass beyond because we all know - the grass is ALWAYS greener...  One more pallet and an old cage to fill that hole and another that had potential and finally they stayed put...or maybe they are just waiting for today when I'm home alone to try again.

The mommas are looking a little less like they got run over by the lawn mower so I am just a tiny bit less embarrassed by their spectacular haircuts!  Mr. Sheepie is still sporting his winter coat - I feel so bad but I have not been able to get a hold of the sheep shearer and I am quite sure we would get injured trying to shear him ourselves. He hasn't been nearly as friendly since shearing the momma's - I think he knows eventually his turn will come.

A friend and little Miss Rosie came for a visit awhile back - she almost got a kiss!

We are still working out details of a possible trade with a sheep-farmer-friend.  We are really wanting to increase the size of our flock so we want to trade Freddy, Harriet and Nellie for some unrelated females.  It will be hard to say goodbye to the lambs but this farmer is growing up and starting to wear her big girl overalls!!

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  1. I love reading these posts:) Can't wait to come see the farm.


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