Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Eggs - beautiful eggs...


  1. I've been reading since I saw your post on fly lady. (I'm a flybaby too.) Love all your colorful eggs. We have a bunch of chickens to, and I love getting them, and the eggs, but it's so hard to come up with that many ways to cook that many eggs, and we don't have quite half that many right now! :)

  2. Yeah another flybaby!!! We have just enough regular customers that our surplus gets taken care of - it is difficult at this time of year when production goes waaaay down to keep everyone satisfied. Went through the whole "turn lights on for the winter" dilemma - yes? no? we finally decided yes and see how it goes. WOW - what a difference! We went from an average of 12 eggs a day to 32 from about 48 hens. We also don't have an egg for breakfast anymore - we have EGGS. My favorite way to eat them is frittata (quiche without the crust!) YUM!

  3. Ooh, eggs for breakfast every day and frittata. That sounds delicious!

    I keep hearing about people here (in the South of England) who have started keeping chickens in their back garden. I guess it's a way of farming on a tiny scale and there is a concern that town children grow up with little idea of where their food comes from.

    Thank you for the beautiful pictures.


  4. Hi Jenni! I highly recommend chickens in the backyard (if it's legal where you are) - they are so highly entertaining and easy to keep. I am concerned for children as well but adults too - we can KNOW that eggs come from chickens but it's a whole different experience to go out and collect the eggs and then have them for breakfast!

    You're welcome for the pictures - I just bought a new camera - LOTS of fun!

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