Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Poor little duckie and the mean old fox

Ahh a not-so-peaceful day on the farm. We've had some snow and grey cloudy weather lately but today was bright and sunny and the ducks were out-and-about having a grand time quacking and showing off right at the back door.  They like that spot probably because it's out of the wind and because it's near the kitty's food bowl - my free range ducks would rather live on cat food if given the choice.

We often come out the door to be greeted by their quacking and honking and strange bobbing heads.  I don't think I'll ever get tired of having animals in my life.  Today I went to the door to call the dog back in and was greeted by 7 ducks and 2 cats...I waited a long time for those moments!  The chickens have no interest in coming out that far from the barn in the winter.  They hang out with the sheep and the donkey roosting in the eaves of the barn and happily pecking and scratching in the spilled hay.

Today we had some excitement however.  I was in the kitchen looking through some books I had ordered when I heard some unusally loud quacking so I rushed to the window to see a FOX - right at the back door!  I threw the books as I ran out in my socks screaming to scare him away.  I didn't even see him when I got outside and it was only two steps.  One of the Three Stooges trio of ducks - a female rouen (from a two rouen and a crested white duck family) was quacking loudly and huddled terrified in the corner.  There were no other ducks around - verrry unusual since they all stick together like glue.  I carried the frightened duck into the barn while the boys checked around the house for the fox.  What they found was poor little Lady Gaga - laying in the grass bloodied.  It seems Mr. Fox had grabbed her in his jaws but dropped her when Crazy-Screaming-Momma came running out of the house.  Poor little duckie.  She was bleeding and not walking very well when I put her in her pen for the night.  I give her 50/50.  She had blood on her feet - which you can see in the picture are webbed with some wicked claws - so I know she got some blows of her own in.  Go Lady Gaga!

I used to like foxes.  On the rare occasion I would get a glimpse of one on the road it made my day.  How wonderful to see wildlife.  It all changed when I saw the first Mr. Fox eating one of my chickens last summer.  Ah - the other side of the coin.

Well - once again everyone is safe and sound in their pens but maybe tomorrow they will stay in for the day just to throw Mr. Fox off the hunt.


  1. Oh, the poor thing! I hope that she pulls through. My son, who homesteads in B.C., has lost quite a few birds this past year. Some have died from mysterious ailments. Just yesterday, one of his quail must have stood too close to a small opening in the wall and had its wing almost ripped off by an unknown predator. So far, he's still alive and recovering.

    I've been watching out for the hawk that usually comes around our back yard every winter. I'm worried for my chickens, but so far I haven't seen him.

    I'm beginning to understand that a farm is a place where life and death happen. It's very sad but anyone who has livestock of any sort has to be prepared for the possibility of losing them. I hope that Lady Gaga's story will have a happy ending...

  2. So far she lives as well. She isn't moving round too much but she's stopped bleeding and is cleaned up. We did decide to keep them all in the chicken house today - they were very confused by their confinement!

  3. How is little duckie fairing? I'm so happy to have found your blog! I too found you via your 'Flylady' testimonial by Googling your farm name. I have to admit, I delete about 90% of them from my inbox, but yours caught my eye! I love reading your little life stories; it's like, you are me, fast forwarded 10 years :) I've been 'cooped' up in the city for longer than I care to have been with my city-boy hubby, but I just know I'll end up on a farm some day. So, I live and raise my 4 in the city present, while I hope for a farm future!

    Blessings from SC

  4. Hi Tara - welcome to the blog :) Little duckie is all back to normal - I am so grateful. I've noticed she hasn't come back up near the house though - that family of ducks must have had a family council and decided to stay near the barn for awhile!

    I can't keep up with all the Flylady emails either but that's what the delete button is for - so glad you read mine all the same :) I never expected the flood of new readers that testimonial has brought.

    Waiting to move here only intensified my joy of actually getting here - the wait was worth it but at times very difficult! Hold on to your dreams because I am living proof that - DREAMS COME TRUE!!!!!!!!

  5. I'm so glad to hear that that your duckie pulled through! I've been thinking about her all day... I'm also a FlyBaby, but I actually didn't find you through your testimonial. I found you with a Google search for other blogging FlyBabies, lol. I've been really enjoying reading your blog. :-) I'm a country girl, who moved to the city, got engaged to a city boy, and now I'm wondering if I'll ever see the country again. You give me hope!

    One question: Do you have a button? One of the little images that links to your blog? Because I just started blogging and I would love to put you on my inspirations page!

  6. Jessyca - You're so sweet! Oh dear - I am way behind in the technicalities of the blogging world. I need a button but I have to learn how to make one first :) Perhaps my goal for the day! I'll get back to you if I have some success. Dreams come true city girl!

  7. Success! Awesome! Thank you so much!


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