Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Getting Organized: Flylady Testimonial

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My dear FlyLady and crew,

I can't count the many times I have sent a word of thanks your way over the

My journey with you began when I started homeschooling and the paperwork
clutter from schoolwork became the last straw on the poor overburdened camel
of our lives. I absolutely couldn't cope anymore with all the mess and
stress and chaos. Then I found YOU. Over time I finally "GOT" it and was
able to manage my home with pride.

As time moved on we added more teenagers to our family. We lived in a teeny
tiny home with 7 adult sized people and although life was more than a bit
crazy keeping up with everyone's school and work schedules, (homeschooling
some of them) and a business we ran out of our home we managed because of
what I learned from you. We had chores for everyone and lists, the bathroom
got swished and swiped (most of the time) laundry got done, food prepared
and somehow we survived to tell about it.

We moved to a farm a year and a half ago and I spent a good deal of time
worrying about the move. I knew we could handle the actual moving because I
had completely de-cluttered our home over the years -- we just opened the
closet, put it in a box and put it on the truck -- no decisions necessary.
But you see my old home was less than 1200 square feet (including the floor
space under the oil tank which was prime real estate in a house that full!)

Our new home was twice the size plus we would have a barn and a garage and
multiple other places to stash stuff -- would I be able to handle it?? All
that space to keep clean and organized, a small farm to run and several
acres of grass to cut on top of everything else?

Well, I was worried for nothing. Everything you taught me works the same
right here on the farm! You can do anything for 15 minutes -- including
cleaning out a stinky stall, working in the vegetable garden, cleaning eggs
and produce and even cutting the grass sometimes!

My beautiful white cast iron sink gets shined up regularly -- if you ever
think that the shining the sink thing is just for looks get a white sink!

We are loving life on the farm and I know I could never have made the move
and survived with my sanity if not for your kind words of wisdom over the
years. You made what would have been impossible -- POSSIBLE!

Thank you!
Anita from Shalom Engedi Farm

FlyLady here: Routines and BabySteps help you create the possible!!

P.S. My testimonial was sent out to her email list - how cool is that?!  If you've never heard of Flylady and you have trouble organizing your home and your life you NEED to check out her website and her FREE emails. She really did change my life!


  1. Found your site via flylady and a google search :) We also live in a tiny house and just had our first baby with many more to follow. We want to move to a farm someday as well and I had the same will i ever manage all of that when this seems to max me out. Thanks for the encouragement!

    Just started our blog at too if you want to get to know us a bit too :)


  2. Hi Dani! It's been a busy day on the blog - I've never had so much company in one day!! Keep dreaming because DREAMS COME TRUE! Hug that sweet little baby for me. hugs, Anita


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