Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A letter from a cat

Friends of ours went away for Christmas and asked us to look after their cat Nikki.  They were very concerned about leaving her so Nikki wrote them a letter...

Dear Mommy,
I wondered where you went!  The sunny weather sounds nice but not as nice as being able to curl up on your bed all by myself in the sunshine.  I told you we didn't need a dog – I can guard the house ALL-BY-MYSELF!!

Aunt Anita came and she even left extra treats in my bowl – didn't you tell her I could have ten?  Well she gave me a three extra – maybe she can’t count.  I ate all my wet food on both days- aren't I a big kitty?
I pooped on the floor this morning in my special spot just to see what she would do – hee hee – she had to clean it up!!
I am nice and warm and cozy and being really lazy.  I haven’t done much since you left – I get to have a holiday too!
I’ll write again soon – next time I’ll ask Aunt Anita if she has anything to tell you.  She didn’t tell me anything today she just petted me and talked nonsense.  I can tell she was trained by a dog!
Have fun – Meowry Christmas!!!!!


  1. What a thoughtful idea! You are such a good friend.....

  2. What a cute idea! I'm sure the letter from Nikki was a comfort to her "parents". And yes, I'm back from our mini-holiday :-).


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