Monday, March 8, 2010

Reasons for wanting to move to the country

I have many reasons for wanting to MOVE-TO-THE-COUNTRY. One of them is to have a more simple daily lifestyle. Our lives have become a whirlwind of drive-thru's, instant cash, instant entertainment and instant communication.

I get tired of it some days. For example: one of my daughters has a cell phone. She lives at home, goes to church with us, works close to home - with in walking distance - almost never goes anywhere since she does not yet have a drivers license and yet she has a phone. It buzzes OFTEN during the day and sometimes the night to announce a new text message has arrived. If it was me I'm sure I would feel like prey being hunted down by persistant hunters! The constant reminders that SOMEONE-WANTS-MY-ATTENTION would probably lead me to flush it down the toilet! I don't need a cell phone to feel needed - but maybe that's because I have a houseful of people who don't need a cell phone to reach me!

I would guess there are days we all want to get off the treadmill of life to find a little corner of the world where we can experience some peace and quiet. In the past this was our twice yearly camping trips or a weekend away with just DH and myself or on a smaller scale my office in a spare corner of my son's bedroom…am I dreaming too big to think that life at our new home will allow us some more of those peaceful moments mingled amidst the events of the every day??

I can imagine:
PICKING apples from our own trees
Having LUNCH outside
WALKING down a country road for no purpose but to enjoy the weather as opposed to walking to the post office or grocery store
Spending TIME in the garden - my city gardens are all mulched so not much maintenance required
Lying in bed and hearing the quiet sounds of NOTHING instead of the noise of cars racing around the corner while I hold my breath at 3am wondering if they will crash into the house in the bend of the road like the others over the past years
OR figuring out the creaks and strange noises of a 150 year old home.

One can only hope but location alone will not change much - this I know to be true by watching the lifestyles of some of our friends. A peaceful home life is a choice and for each family the "peace" will look different. If it were up to me I would not hook up the satellite dish and I would throw out the TV - HOWEVER I have been completely over ruled by my DH :) It was one battle the kids did not need to fight! In truth I enjoy a few good movies and a select list of TV shows but in my "ideal-life-of-my-dreams" I think I could do without it. Of course I will never get the chance to find out if it's really true!

I have a picture in my mind of how I want life to be - DON'T WE ALL! So far my life has looked nothing like how I pictured it to be. It's been much MUCH harder and MUCH MUCH better. My life would have been boring if I were in charge. Thankfully, my heavenly Father knows me best and he planned this wonderful adventurous life for me and included a family for me that I couldn't have imagined in a million years.

All this…and a dream to one day live our lives together in a little house on a couple of country acres away from the big city.

My long-awaited adventure of God-proportions continues...

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  1. I re-read this post a year and a half later and things turned out differently than I thought! We decided to GIVE-IT-A-TRY for 6 months and not hook up the TV. We survived better than we imagined and we all decided that we could do without it. We've been TV-free for 1.5 years and loving it!

    What did I tell you? Dreams come true!


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