Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Our Family Introductions

We were out last weekend driving around in the nearby countryside AGAIN - looking for our new home. We've been searching for a country property for several years however apparently the timing wasn't quite right because here we are still LIVING-IN-THE-CITY.

Thankfully both my husband and I have come together, are on the same page and we both know that the time is drawing near for this move to take place. Our desire to live in the country is a little more heavily weighted towards my side since my hubby is a city boy at heart (but somewhere deep inside is a country boy just waiting to come out!) but he loves me so he is willing to move to make me happy. There is one condition to his willingness however! Wal-Mart can't be more than 15-20 minutes away!

That stipulation combined with our need for space for 6 humans, 6 chickens, a dog and several other important considerations - like a main floor bedroom (and hopefully more than 1 bathroom!) and a few acres - have made the search rather arduous.

In truth we have been searching for longer than just several years - it's been 11 almost exactly. I have always dreamed of living in the country but there came a day way-back-when when I knew that it was more than a dream but something that would surely happen. I think if I knew THEN how long a wait I had coming I may have not even bothered with HOPING. What a long process this has been! Full of ups and downs and emotional twists and turns.

The wait has had it's blessings. Several forever children have come to live with us during this time and I doubt we would even have know them if we were not still living in the city.

Our immediate family consists of my dear self-employed husband, myself , a married daughter and her husband who have moved away from home (but not too far), one daughter living in England for a year while volunteering at a church ministry, 3 daughters all working hard to save money to go to school in a year from now and our son the soon-to-be volunteer farmer, grass cutter, head maintenance man and fellow adventurer.

We have been a homeschooling family for many years - our son is now in his final years and I therefore am in my final years as teacher in an official capacity - learning & teaching however will continue for all of us. Life is too exciting to quit learning.

At present we live in a small city on a rather large lot with a teeny tiny home. I have said many times living in this house with 6 people (and for awhile 7 adults!) is like living in a submarine - everything has it's place and it better be in it! We have not resorted to hot-bunking (yet) however we have undoubtedly RUN-OUT-OF-ROOM.

Our "family" expanded last summer to include 6 new girls - Mildred, Myrtle, Clementine, Bertha, Gertie and Edwina. They have their own little coop in the backyard and they faithfully supply us with lovely fresh brown eggs each day. I am a kid when it comes to this mini-agricultural-hobby-farm-adventure-in-the-backyard - it never ceases to amaze me how it all works. Chickens are wonderfully entertaining - better than watching TV for their crazy antics and widely differing personalities. Gertie is my favorite but that's only because she is the bravest of the bunch and will actually come near me to be company-for-company-sake not just because I am bringing them kitchen scraps.

Welcome to my blog about the everyday happenings of soon to be countrified family from the little city. A long awaited adventure of God proportions!

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  1. Great introduction I enjoy how you write I finally figured out to show my picture - you see I am originally from MB (Winnipeg ) and the province has many polar bears -hence my picture -thankfully my husband tells me my posterior is not quite that big ;) lol


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