Thursday, March 4, 2010

We found IT!

Well, I had no idea how quickly this was going to happen! We went to an open house last weekend and we found IT. The country property that we had been waiting for and dreaming about for so many years. I feel stunned after waiting and dreaming for so long.

It's a century home on 10 acres with a barn and some other out buildings surrounded by environmentally protected lands on two sides, a farmers field on one side and some nice neighbours on the other side. I've always wanted a house were we didn't need curtains on the windows and if I choose to do that I could - WITH NOBODY PEEKING IN!

There's a lot to think about with an older country property. Septic systems, wells, water flow rates, oil tanks, whether or not the basement fills with water in the spring, how close a proposed new highway will be…

I'm choosing to think about where the furniture will go, having a fire pit in the back, being able to hang my clean laundry on a clothesline-outside-in-the-fresh-spring-air, where to plant the apple trees and blueberry bushes, canning the fruits and vegetables from the gardens next fall and how many barn cats we will have roaming the "farm" that the girls will want to adopt and bring inside. NO - NO - NO!!

Now to complete all the paperwork, get all the inspections and watch God put the finishing details on the whole event.

Did I mention that Wal-Mart was 13 minutes away??

My long-awaited adventure of God-proportions continues...

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