Sunday, March 14, 2010

Family Visits the Farm

It's been a busy and exciting weekend - we're almost there with paperwork for purchasing our home and then comes the fun on the other side - selling ours. I can't say I am looking forward to it very much but I am keeping the faith that it will sell quickly. Pray for us: 7 adults (yes, that's one more than the last count), 1 bathroom, teeny tiny house and multiple showings...ack!

We took all the kids to the house today (all nine of us showed up)since the sellers were having another open house - we prayed for rain so no one else would come :) It rained but a few people came through anyway! It's our third visit there and I am starting to feel like it's home.

I asked about the rhubarb - there are two great big patches - one in the sun that is ready earlier in the spring and one in the shade for a little later. The gardens were more uncovered today as we've had some nicer weather to melt the snow. The largest plot is out front of the house and split into 4 sections by a gravel path - I see an English Country garden - I can hardly wait to start digging in the dirt.

The kids were outside exploring the barn and the yard and realised that there is a small paddock at the front of the barn - perfect for a few goats. The fence is very secure and there's a gate - I wonder if some acrobatic goat will still be able to get out somehow. I've heard lots of stories!

Our amazing adventure of God proportions continues...

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