Sunday, March 21, 2010

Home Inspection Day

STEP-BY-STEP we're moving forward!

The home Inspection went GREAT!. Nothing unexpected or expensive to fix and yet very helpful - as I thought - worth every penny if only for peace of mind.

We spent another lovely afternoon HAVING-TEA with the sellers and chatting about all kinds of things. They've told us some stories about our neighbours - apparently there is one who reminds everyone of Jed Clampett and another who has built his home illegally and totally off-grid down a closed concession right-of-way next to us. There are neighbours with large families and some older couples who have proven to be the kind of neighbours you want on your side when things go wrong - after a winter storm when a tree fell across the driveway for instance when they arrived within minutes with their chainsaws.

Roger Hein photographer

They told us about the penny sales at the small local church built around the same time as the house about 150 years ago. The church only holds services every few months since it was merged with another church. Holding the services allows it to keep it's tax exempt status and the penny sale proceeds help to keep the building in repair. The community gets together for Christmas parties in the church as well. There seems to be a really great community spirit.

We've had so much prayer support from our many friends and family members who have patiently waited alongside us all these years. It's a wonderful feeling to know they are all out there cheering us on during this process. Everyday is more exciting than the next as we see what GOD-HAS-DONE in advance for us. My mom asked if I had come down from the ceiling the other day - well - maybe :)!

Just as we were leaving the farm last week the owner shared something so sweet with me. They have been long time subscribers to the wonderful Canadian country Harrowsmith magazine and the renewal notice came in the mail. She realized they would not be needing it anymore since they are moving into town but she decided to re-subscribe anyway WITH OUR NAME ON THE SUBSCRIPTION!!!!! She then teased me and told me we had better be here when the magazine arrived!!

The journey continues...


  1. Hey Anita,
    My mom has Boer goats if you are looking for a meat-type goat. They also have Kiko goats but they are more expensive ;) The goats are kidding out in April and May. She also has miniature horses. Everyone needs a horse, dontcha think LOL.
    I still get smiley and heart-turning happy for you, that your dream is coming true.

    PS - What's the storage space like in the house?


  2. We really do want to get goats but I think I may wait a little while till we're settled in - another new learning curve might send me over the edge :) I will remember your mom though and ask you about it later. What do you do with a minature horse? Is it kinda like a dog? You just feed and clean up after it?

    The storage will be amazing compared to this house. There are several large closets and an unheated attic type room that will be good for boxes and "stuff". Food storage is probably better downstairs in the basement since it is heated and dry (we hope!)

    Then there's a huge room over the garage, the garage and the barn. Good golly we'll have to be careful about NOT collecting things or it will get out of hand quickly.

    Did you know it was possible to sleep with a grin on your face???


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