Thursday, March 18, 2010

Stalled Paperwork

It's been a busy week of many phone calls.

Tomorrow is the home inspection. We contacted a company that was referred to us by our lawyer - he seems like to nice, knowledgeable guy. By the end of his several-hour-visit we will have a CD of pictures and a written report and he will have a check for $450.00. I am sure it will be worth every penny. We are not anticipating anything out of the ordinary and we've already decided we're totally-in-love and THIS-IS-THE-PLACE-WHERE-WE-BELONG.

Our offer is stalled at the lawyers - not sure what the hold-up is - paperwork paperwork!

The insurance company is probably going to request some work be done on the house before they will insure it. We haven't heard back yet as to what exactly will have to be done but something about galvanized pipes was mentioned...hmm.

So - we're moving forward step-by-step and everything so far has gone very smoothly - THIS-IS-GOOD!

In three months I should be sitting in my garden sipping tea, watching the chickens peck around the yard while enjoying the amazing view. Three months is 90 days - heaven awaits!!!

Our long awaited God adventure continues!

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